Design and programming as equally creative activities.
CleverDesign is one of the top web development and graphic design firms in NYC. We develop websites, blast email campaigns, pitchbooks, logos, and an array of marketing materials for firms of all sizes.
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Beyond our Website Expertise

Many of our clients come to us during web development and ask for our expertise to augement their website with:

Pitchbook PowerPoint

We ensure that your pitchbook looks way better than the other firms pitching. We build the most-used pages as master templates.

One Pager Summary PDF

Most of the sites we work on have a downloadable front-back summary of the firm that prints out a PDF showing highlights of the firm.

Blast Email Templates

When a deal is complete, a new fun is announced, or any news, a clean-crisp announcement that levers the site design is effective.

Logo Development

Our logos are memorable, not trendy. Our process ensures that you'll have a smart logo that is unique to your firm.

What Sets us Apart

Why do so many firms come to a boutique firm on West 56th Street in New York City?


When you develop your first website in 1994, and your first logo in 1980, you're able to help the client through the process.

We Aren't Going Anywhere

So many development firms are here today, gone tomorrow. We're not looking for the next trendy thing to "get into." We're here for you.

Process - It starts with listening

We are a very smart process for developing creative and programming for our clients. It starts with listening and focus.

Humanity and Kindness

Our clients like us. Always have. The vast majority of our clients are repeats. We do it with concern and understanding.

Who We Are

CleverDesign is one of top web design, logo design and graphic design firms in New York City. We do best of breed private equity, investment banking, hedge, and energy sectors.

What We Do

Our websites are mobile-friendly. We have a proven process from concept to programming to launch.

Why We're Unique

Principal as your day-to-day contact. We build in a customized content management system so you can do changes without knowing code.


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