Let's be serious, Ellen is both the brains and the beauty of this operation.
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Todd Rhoda
Managing Partner

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Todd Rhoda is often called on by a who’s who of financial, energy, cosmetic and brand headliners to give order to the disorder of their messaging, sites and logos.

He is the Managing Partner of CorchiaWolinerRhoda and is responsible for the day-to-day running of the firm, its creative direction and technology.

In the course of a diverse 30-year career in all aspects of design, web development, advertising and marketing, Todd has proven to be a skilled executive, a deft creative/technical director and an adroit trouble-shooter for clients as diverse as: Rolex, Elizabeth Arden, SunnyD, Toyota, Hertz, American Express and a wide spectrum of private equity and investment banking firms. Todd’s understanding of creative direction, coupled with his knowledge of complex programming and database systems make him unique in the design community. He has a strong reputation in client management and takes pride in the long-term commitment from many of the firm’s clients.

The clean "modern-conservative" style that has proven so successful for the firm and its clients over the years is at the center of his design direction as is the supervision of the customized content management system that clients use to service their own sites after launch.

His expertise is taking tangled messages and information from clients and turning them into clean, intelligent, easy-to-understand web sites, logos, and collateral.

Todd came to the firm from PaineWebber in 1990 where he was a Divisional Vice President in the advertising department. He worked on the "Thank You, PaineWebber" national campaign as well as branch advertising and sports marketing.

Two nights a week is an adjunct professor in website design and website programming at the Shintaro Akatsu School of Design (SASD) at the University of Bridgeport.

Todd is a graduate of Indiana University.

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Ellen Woliner
Founder & President

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Ellen Woliner is the Founder and President of CorchiaWolinerRhoda, establishing a definitive midtown Manhattan design firm at the age of 26 in 1980. She is responsible for the art direction and administration of the firm.

For 33 years, Ellen has spearheaded design assignments for some of the best and brightest corporations in America including: Proctor & Gamble, Prince Tennis, Pfizer, MasterCard, Citibank and PaineWebber. She has designed for every business category including: real estate, financial services, recreation, consumer, pharmaceutical, consulting and government.

Ellen’s expertise is her ability to take corporate messages and graphically interpret them in unexpected and convincing ways. She has won countless design awards, but more importantly, has kept the studio true to what it was at the beginning: A small, accomplished design firm with clients that are serious about great design.

She has always turned away from trendy design flourishes over the years and has instead collaborated with clients to create mission-appropriate, substantial and timeless design.

Ellen began her career in 1977 as an Art Director for Al Corchia, one of the top Manhattan designers of the 60s and 70s. In 1980, Al lost his battle with cancer and Ellen restarted the firm and has helped guide it to over three decades of success.

She is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a B.S. in Industrial Design.

Who We Are

CleverDesign is one of top web design, logo design and graphic design firms in New York City. We do best of breed websites and logos for the private equity, investment banking, hedge, and energy sectors.

What We Do

Our websites are mobile-friendly. We have a proven process from concept to programming to launch.

Why We're Unique

Principal as your day-to-day contact. We build in a customized content management system so you can do changes without knowing code.


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