1977   Star Ohio State University design school student Ellen Woliner accepts job at Al Corchia Design to become Art Director.

1980   Al Corchia loses battle with cancer.
Ellen retains name and relaunches as Corchia Woliner, Inc.

1982   Long association with real estate design begins and lasts most of the 80s.

1984   Firm handles Prince Tennis Racquets.

1985   As Wall Street moves to a consumer investor class, necessity for great design.
Financial design becomes one of the main pillars of the firm.

1990   Todd Rhoda comes aboard from PaineWebber as Managing Partner.
10th Anniversary of firm.

1991   Long association with MasterCard begins.

1994   First firm web site created (Yes, it was pretty awful and took way to long up download on that 56k dial-up modem.)

1995   First online assignment completed: A start-up screen for Coopers & Lybrand software package.

1996   Long design relationship with Coopers & Lybrand during mid-90s.

1998   First database site completed: Business Week Online Media Kit.

1999   First calculation page completed: Deutsche Bank assignment.

2000   Relationship with first fragrance client, Bobbi Brown started.
20th Anniversary of firm.
First pure Flash assignment completed: buzz card for FactSet.

2001   9/11 NYC's darkest, yet heroic moments.

2002   Firm begins long relationship with many of the city's most influential Private Equity firms.

2003   First site completed with customized Content Management Tool: Whirled Music site.

2004   Long relationship with Rolex begins.

2005   Britney Spears website for Elizabeth Arden long relationship with fragrance giant begins.

2006   Annual Report for NYC Office of Management & Budget.

2007   Danielle Steel Fragrance Website.

2008   Firm celebrates it's 2,000th web assignment.

2009   Firm produces first site specifically for separate iPhone and Blackberry handsets.

2010   30th Anniversary of firm.

2011   Fun and challenging Ken Ken site along with new SunnyD site designed and developed.

2012   Firm greatly expands its Energy practice as an offshoot of Private Equity and Investment Banking practices.

2013   Several “Logo and Site” projects completed where both branding and web presence are designed and developed.