1. Discovery Questions
Client receives approximately 30 "Discovery Questions" that helps the client translate their message to the web. These questions ensure that you receive a site customized to you. View sample Discovery Questions here.

2. Design Solutions
Design Home Page
After we receive the answers, we'll design solutions based on your answers. We then post four jpeg solutions online (so their easily portable for your team) for your review. Most clients like to do a little mixing-and-matching (i.e., "We love the image on the first solution, but the vertical nav on the second . . .") with their edits. This further ensures that the site you receive is customized to you.

Design Secondary Pages
After the home page design is complete, we begin to simultaneously program the home page and design the secondary pages.

3. Development
When the secondary pages are approved, we build out the database schemas and begin programming the secondary pages and populating the site. As we go along, progress on the site is posted to your own page so you can see how the site is advancing. We don't shroud the process in mystery and show the site every Friday for a couple of hours. We want you to see everything as it progress. This eliminates bad surprises.

4. Implementation
We beta test for PC and Mac. For IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. And we post to your server.